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Important Notice:

All Production, Sales and Servicing of this equipment ceased when the

company closed down in December 2008.


They are not made anymore and there is no servicing or spares.


Please Click Here for Alternative Equipment.


 --- Pure Health, Pure Bubbles! --­

Now without any structural changes to your bathroom you can relax in your very own spa bath, installed without any mess or fuss, this portable hydrotherapeutic bath will ease those tense and stiff muscles, remove cellulite and even help sports injuries. Imagine a Jacuzzi spa in your own bath without any plumbing changes, no upkeep of water and to boot, portable to wherever you go, on holiday, business trips, whatever!

·  It's fun and to add the real clincher, it has been proven by many people to assist them in a whole host of health problems. It is a medically proven fact that the modern lifestyle contributes to our downgraded levels of health and vitality but they (the medical fraternity) fail to tell us that a lot of the problems can be attributed to poor blood oxygen levels and bad circulation

·  The Spa is essential as it helps --- TO IMPROVE CIRCULATION, saving you money as you can now cut down on Reflexologists, Masseuses and Physiotherapists, also more blood circulates through the body faster and hey presto ­Higher Blood Oxygen levels! Well the Kleerzo3ne Spa does all of these things while you lie back and relax in your tub!


Diffuser Board (bath mat)

Portable Spa Unit

Air Hose

Air Hose attach to diffuser Board at 1.1

Digital Control Panel

Air Hose Attached to Spa Unit


PRODUCT Operations: - General Information

 ·  The Kleerzo3ne Spa applies four different medically recognized treatments, all at the same time. The Ozone enriched bubbles deliver: Herbal aromatherapy, Explosive air massage, Hydrotherapy and Activated Oxygen Therapy.

 AROMATHERAPY: - Treat yourself and add these natural oils to your bath water while using the Spa

- Active Heat:   For active people, relief of pain and muscle cramps

-  Chamomile:   Tired, sensitive damaged skin

-  Eucalyptus I Mint:  Colds, muscle - cramps, sinusitis, catarrh, coughing

-  Lavender:  Relaxation, anti-stress, cellulite, bad circulation, athlete's foot

-  Mayflower:  For bad circulation, muscle cramps and cellulite

-  Pine and Valerie:  For exhaustion, rheumatism, anxiety, stress, insomnia and neural problems

-  Seven Herbs:    For Colds and Flu

 The Kleerzone Spa is excellent for:-

- Bedsores - Eczema - Stress relief
- Back problems - Burns and cuts - Cancer
- Athletes foot - Arthritis - Psoriasis

INSTALLATION: - Positioning and Operating

Just click the "on" button to switch the unit on and press the motor speed button to vary the speed and intensity of the air and bubbles in your bath. The Kleerz03ne Spa's Ozone process is timer controlled and a 25 to 30 second burst of enriched oxygen is delivered through the water every minute. For safety, your Kleerzo3ne Spa comes equipped with a sensor, which will cut off if overheated.


- The Spa has an Ozone production rate of 0.2mg/m3 which occurs internally and flows through a hose which is attached to a comfortable air-filled bath mat which contours to any bath surface while elevating you on a cushion of air.
- It has a convenient control panel that brings massage options to your finger tips.
- Its easy to use with a powerful bubble action and a convenient dial to control bubble intensity.
- The non-slip bath mat prevents slippage while in use!
- Best of all it is easy to install, portable and may be used without any structural changes to your bathroom!
- The Spa’s Ozone process is timer controlled.
- A 25-30 second burst of enriched Ozone air
- The Spa comes equipped with a sensor will cut off if over-heated.


Commercial/Industrial use:

- The Kleerzone Spa has a comfortable bath mat which can contour to any surface so you can use it anywhere.
- It can be used in the home to relax / unwind or commercially: hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs


As with all our Kleerzo3ne products, the items have a one year manufacturers warranty and thereafter a regular service and upgrade option, additionally the Kleerzo3ne Spa is patent protected and is covered by the SABS IEC 60335-1 an International Domestic Electrical safety standard for your absolute peace of mind.

For a free consultation regarding your needs please fill in your contact and inquiry details in an email and send to Click Here: info@pureozone.com