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Kit includes: Ozone Generator with ORP Controller built in,  Rechargeable Air Dryer system and Silicone delivery tubing, a Barrel Diffuser and a Ball Diffuser.

Eco-Tec Plus100 (100mg/hr) @ R 5 650 .00

Eco-Tec Plus200 (200mg/hr) @ R  6 980.00

Ozonate Aquaria Marine Freshwater and KOI with Oxidation Reduction Potentiometer Probe Option. For more information, Larger Systems, Aquaculture & Ponds Click Here    

100/200mg aquarium ozone generator comes with built-in REDOX meter/controller with a digital readout and user adjustable set point to turn the ozone on and off automatically. It is the complete solution for the effective and safe ozonation of aquariums.
Max. Ozone output:
ECAQ-PLUS 100 -------- 100mg/hr ozone output
ECAQ-PLUS 200 -------- 200mg/hr ozone output
Max. ORP reading: 450mV
Voltage: DC12V
Power Adaptor: AC100V- 240V 50-60Hz,12W
Certification: UL TUL CE
Dimension: 199mm X 163mm X 64mm
Ozone output: Adjustable between 10-100% of rated output
Inlet and outlet port diameter : 6 millimetres
Net Weight: 1.5 kilograms
200ml air dryer included
ORP probe is not included (please buy it separately)


The ideal dosage will vary for each aquarium. The right dosage of ozone is dependent on a number of factors: the volume of water, the water flow rate, the ozonized air flow rate, the amount of dissolved organic matter, the fish density, the type of biological filtration and additional equipment in use. As a guideline, the ozone production should be between 5 and 15 mg/hr per 25 gallon (100 litres) of aquarium water.
Aquaria densely populated with fish need more ozone input than invertebrate tanks where far less waste products are produced. Small reef aquaria (few fish, many invertebrates) can be successfully maintained with less than 5 mg\hr\25 gallon. Dosages in excess of 15 mg\hr\25 gallon should be used with extreme caution and only, for example, in a tank densely populated with fish and no invertebrates.


Q. What can Ozone do for the Aquarium?

A. Due to its oxidizing capabilities, ozone can break down harmful waste products produced by fish. In a marine aquarium (or in a freshwater tank with pH higher than 7.5), ammonia is efficiently oxidized to less harmful nitrite and further to nitrate. This oxidation reaction can also be performed by bacteria in a biological filter; however it is advantageous to install an ozonizer as a backup to prevent dangerously high ammonia levels.

This backup function is especially important in aquaria with a lot of fish and subsequently a lot of waste. More complex organic wastes, such as the substances that turn the water yellow (Gilvin), cannot be removed by biological or mechanical filtration.

Ozone however, breaks up their structure, so that the fragments can be cleared up by the filter's bacteria or through protein skimming. The use of Ozone leads to "Crystal clear" water.

Another important property of Ozone is its sterilizing ability. Harmful bacteria and other possible pathogens that float in the water are efficiently killed by ozone. In the sea the amount of floating bacteria is always very low, due to the antiseptic action of natural sea water. In the aquarium however, bacteria that can be harmful to many aquarium inhabitants, especially fish larvae, find a favourable environment for rapid reproduction. The term "sterilizing" should not be taken too literally. The amount of ozone administered should be just enough to kill only surplus bacteria. Totally sterile water is just as harmful, to fish and invertebrates.

Gilvin: In aquatic ecosystems it is likely that the absorption spectrum of water, along with gilvin and tripton (dissolved and particulate organic matter respectively), determines phototrophic niche differentiation. The six shoulders in the light absorption of water between wavelengths 400 and 1100 nm correspond to troughs in the collective absorption of at least twenty diverse species of phototrophic bacteria. Another effect is due to the overall trend for water to absorb low frequencies while gilvin and tripton absorb higher ones. This is why open ocean appears blue and supports yellow species such as Prochlorococcus, which contains divinyl-chlrophyll a and b. Synechococcus, colored red with phycoerythrin, is adapted to coastal bodies while red-absorbing phycocyanin allows Cyanobacteria to thrive in darker inland waters.

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