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Mini Air Compressor Range of Air Pumps

1. Compact, neat, made from high quality material.
2. Non-lubricant, very clean air output.
3. fitted with over-pressure self-protection.
4. Low noise, runs smoothly, feet fitted with rubber to reduce vibration.
5. Low energy consumption, high output.

Scope of use:
This series of compressors is non-Lubricant oil free, which gives off very clean air.

It can be used for aquatic breeding and restaurant live fish keeping, oxygenating fish tanks

Can be used food, printing, painting, welding, medical use etc.

Larger units suitable for high-density aquaculture, for adding oxygen to large seafood aquaculture and first class aquariums.

For non-compressed air chemical treatments in the chemical and medical industries.

All prices excluding VAT and Ex-Works (in South African Rand)


25LPM    R 695.00                                 






Performance curves  for all models here


50LPM     R 995.00







Dimensions for all models coded here




60LPM     R 1 698.00










100LPM     R 1 980.00










170LPM        R 3 250.00









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