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Oxygen Concentrators and Generators, Eco-Tec

5 Litre per minute Twin Tower PSA Oxygen Concentrator. Price: R 8 500 000 - excluding VAT & Freight

Description for 5 & 10 LPM oxygen generator:

1. Simple structure, easy to operate, stable oxygen output.
2. Material: Zeolite/alumina; each unit can work independently and oxygen output can reach to 3-10 LPM plus.
3. Apply with air cooler, chiller, radiator for cooling air, no need for additional refrigerant dryer to reduce cost. See below for pictures and specifications for this option.
4. Oxygen purity 90+5%. Two oxygen cylinders alternate operation cycle, auto water drain, auto dump nitrogen and other impurities
5. Oxygen outlet pressure: 0.06-0.08 MPa.


For Matching Oil Free compressor Click Here




10 Litre per minute Twin Tower PSA Oxygen Concentrator. Price: R 18 000 - excluding VAT & Freight

Specification Sheet Pressure Swing Adsorbtion Twin Tower Oxygen Generator


Air Cooler chiller type radiator for use between oxygen concentrator and oilless compressor

Price: R 600.00 - excluding VAT & Freight






Eco-Tec 0-5 liter per minute O2 Generator

PSA system - Pressure Swing Adsorption

This type oxygen concentrator is widely used at clinics, health care centres, leisure places,

Phys Ed, training centres, public places, airport, seaport, rail station, theatre and so on, hotel and home.

It is also used as oxygen treatment for respiratory diseases,

cardiovascular diseases, and oxygen care for middle-aged or aged people,

brain fatigue, athletics fatigue, air-condition diseases etc.

Also used for domestic and small commercial medical or process ozone feedgas systems

5 to 7 and 14 Litre per minute Oxygen Concentrators in Stainless Steel


5 Litre per Minute - German Standards - Made in South Africa

Priced:  From R 12 500.00 excluding VAT ex factory

  • 0 to 5 LPM @ 90% purity from compressed air
  • Constant Delivery Pressure and Flow
  • Innovative Design
  • Only ONE Moving Part!
  • Rugged Construction
  • Top Quality Molecular Sieve
  • Fully Serviceable
  • Cost Effective
  • Quiet Operation

The O25 was developed from the point of view of the user, by users of Oxygen Concentrators who were not
entirely happy with what was currently available. The result is a compact & reliable unit that is easy to
install and easy to service.




















For a free consultation regarding your needs please fill in your contact and inquiry details in an email and send to Click Here: info@pureozone.com