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Ultra Violet Lamp Tube Systems In PVC or Plastic Housings

For Stainless Steel Units and Larger Units Click Here

The EcoPro Range of PVC type UV Lamp, Tube Sterilizers

All prices Exclude VAT & Freight - we sell globally.

Output     Pond/Tank Volume    Max Litre/Min/Litre/Hr  Price In ZA Rands
8 Watt     6 000 Litre                   40 LPM/ 2 400LPH                R 1 150.00
15 Watt   15 000 Litre                 60 LPM/ 3 600LPH                R 1 398.00
30 Watt   30 000 Litre                 140 LPM/ 8 400LPH              R 1 695.00
55 Watt   55 000 Litre                 300 LPM/ 18 000LPH            R 1 995.00

How to choose the correct UV Steriliser.

1. Select applications level required bearing in mind the type of pathogen to be controlled or killed (See dosage table). Level 2 or 3 is adequate for most applications.
2. Decide on the flow rate you require in m³/hour (thousand litres/hour) taking into account the recommendations on the table provided.
3. Divide this number by the flow rate per lamp given in the table below for your selected application level.
4. The result tells you the number of lamps you require to treat your given flow rate. If you have an odd number or fraction number, you should up to the nearest whole even number.

Some Applications where this Professional Unit may be applied.

· Sterilizing drinking water – Borehole, Dam, Bottling plants in conjunction with suitable filtration.
· Jacuzzi/Spa’s
· Cat Fish Farming
· Tilapia Farming
· Oyster Farming
· Effluent treatment
· Chicken Farming

AND anywhere, where sterile results are required.

An hour metre may be fitted to the units to maintain a record of operating time. Lamp life is 8000 hours but it is recommended to change the lamps every 4000 hours.


The Ultra violet tube weakens due to usage, and thus must be changed regularly. Even though it may still glow, the output of the tube cannot be determined by the naked eye. So regular replacement is the only way to ensure “peak performance”. Thus the tube in the pond UV units can be replaced every 12 months (approx. 8000hrs) and in our professional and aquarium range every 6 months (approx 4000hrs).

Replacing the tube in units without a Quartz sleeve.

· Disconnect the unit from the water and power supply, remove the clear end caps and gently pull the electrical connector off the ends of the tube.
· Unscrew the blue locking nuts and remove the O-rings.
· Remove the tube.
· Make sure there is no water inside the unit before installing the new tube.
· Replace the O-rings with new ones.
· To install the new tube, just reverse the above procedure.
· When installing the new tube do not over tighten the blue nuts.
· Check for leaks before turning the UV power on.

Replacing the tube in units with a Quartz sleeve.

· Disconnect the unit from the power supply, remove clear end caps and gently pull the electrical connectors off the ends of the tube.
· Remove the tube from the Quartz sleeve.
· To install the new tube just reverse the above procedure.

Removing the Quartz sleeve.

The quartz sleeve should be inspected every two to three months as dirt build up or calcification can occur. This will affect the efficiency of the UV unit.

· Follow the above steps to remove the tube.
· Unscrew the blue nuts and remove the O-rings.
· Gently remove the Quartz sleeve and inspect.
· If the Quartz sleeve needs cleaning use soapy water or a plastic kettle

· Dry the quartz sleeve and re-install sleeve and tube.
· Do not over tighten blue nuts
· Check for leaks before turning the UV power on.


UV light can be harmful to your eyes or skin. NEVER operate a tube outside the unit. A blue glow will be seen through the clear end caps and the will confirm the tube is on, the UV content of this light is not harmful and the unit is completely safe in normal use.

Please Click Here: fill in your contact and inquiry details regarding your needs in an email and send to info@pureozone.com